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Equine behaviourist Jenni Nellist offers insight into the natural behaviour of equines, and how we often cause problems.
One of our friendliest experts Dr Juliet Getty offers insight & advice on the subject of equine nutrition, feed supplements & digestive problems.
Well Being
Barefoot experts Peter Laidely, Pete Ramey & Dan Guererra; Nick Thompson from Holistic Vet - just some of the experts here to help you
Connect with your horse in a way you never thought possible. Learn true horsemanship from the many experts resident on the site.
There's lots to do here. Chat, discuss, play, learn, even date! Find old friends, take online courses, locate your old horse, send horsey postcards etc ....

Who are we?

People involved with this site include:

Samantha Mignano - site owner - based in the UK

Equine Behaviourists:
Jenny Nellist - Equine Behaviour
Cathy Tindall - Equine Behaviour
Cecilia Lindberg - Equine Behaviour
Equine Research Foundation - Equine Behaviour
Evelyn Hanggi - Equine behaviour

Equine Nutritionists:
Juliet Getty - Equine Nutrition
Michaela Bowles - Equine Nutrition and supplements

Hoof Experts:
Peter Laidely - Barefoot expert
Pete & Ivy Ramey - Barefoot trimming & Hoof expert
Tomas Teskey - Equine Vet, barefoot & bit free horses
Will & Rosa Miller - Barefoot trimming and hoof experts
Dan Guerrera - Barefoot trimming & farriery
Chrisann Ware - Equine Myofunctional Therapist & UH Hoof Groom
Yvonne Welz - Barefoot horses
Scott Kroeger - Strasser

Alternative therapies:
Nancy Zidonis - Equine acupressure
Alex Jakob Whitworth - Equine massage & Magnotherapy
Andrew Colley - Equine Shiatsu
Sam Aiden - holistic horse care and alternative therapies
Christine Scully - Massage and Natural Therapy
Robyn Drake - Equine massage therapy
Liz Eddy - Equine shiatsu
Phil Bowen - AlvaHorse

Holistic Horse Keeping:
Lucinda McAlpine - Holistic horsekeeping, behaviour and the natural horse
Lisa Ross Williams - Holistic Horse Keeping
Catherine Bird - Holistic horse care
Madalyn Ward - Holistic horse keeping

Herbs & Herbalists:
Joseph Thomas - Chinese herbal medicine for horses
Kevin O'Hare - Animal Herbs

Worming Experts:
Dr Chris Dolby - - Equine parasites/worms expert & egg count service
Westgate Labs - Equine parasites/worms expert & egg count service

Training Experts:
John Jones - horsemanship
Gwyneth Santagate - Equine training and behaviour
Sylvia Scott - Natural horsemanship
Scott Hansen - Safety training and bombproofing horses
Wrangler Jayne - Natural horsemanship
Cynthia Cooper - Natural horsemanship
Frank Bell - Horsemanship & safety
Franklin Levinson - Horsemanship
Hannah Rose / Kelly Marks - Natural Horsemanship

Equine Dentistry
Tom Allen - Equine dentistry

Equine Vets:
Nick Thompson - Holistic Vet
Tomas Teskey - Equine Vet, barefoot & bit free horses

Back Care:
Jill Firth - Back in Balance - back care

Rider Support:
Caroline Putus - NLP and nervous rider support
Mark Stanton - Classical rider training and support
Wendy Price - Reflective Riding Facilitator
Saddles & Tack
Heather Moffat - Treeless saddles & enlightened equitation
Karen Gorrell - saddle fitting & massage
Tom Widdicombe - Treeless saddles

If you would like to become involved in this site, please get in touch with Sam Mignano - we welcome new people and new ideas and promote an unbiased environment where our members can make informed choices based on the information provided by our resident experts and guest speakers/contributors.

What is this site about?
Natural Horse People is an unbiased, friendly, worldwide community, supported by resident natural horse experts.

We offer a place to learn about horsemanship and holistic natural horse keeping where members can talk directly to a wide range of resident experts. It is also a place to meet others and make friends, sharing ideas and experiences with people from across the globe.

Are you an expert?
If you are interested in becoming a resident expert on this site please send us your details.