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Equine behaviourist Jenni Nellist offers insight into the natural behaviour of equines, and how we often cause problems.
One of our friendliest experts Dr Juliet Getty offers insight & advice on the subject of equine nutrition, feed supplements & digestive problems.
Well Being
Barefoot experts Peter Laidely, Pete Ramey & Dan Guererra; Nick Thompson from Holistic Vet - just some of the experts here to help you
Connect with your horse in a way you never thought possible. Learn true horsemanship from the many experts resident on the site.
There's lots to do here. Chat, discuss, play, learn, even date! Find old friends, take online courses, locate your old horse, send horsey postcards etc ....

Why join?

Natural Horse People offers a unique environment. Nowhere else can you find so many experts in one place - in almost every area of natural horse keeping.

This site is new but is set to be the biggest resource available on the subject of natural horsemanship, natural horse keeping and "whole horse" holistic care. We deal with every aspect of its care on this site. The resource will build over time, and will become a centre of excellence, offering you a place to learn and discuss methods of natural horse care with your peers supported by renowned natural horse experts.

Many horse owners stay with traditional methods of horse management, not because they think it is right, but because they do not know where to begin in making the change towards natural horse keeping.

Keeping a horse naturally is such a change to traditional methods, it is clear that without a resource such as this, many people will never make the change that would not only improve their horse's life but also their relationship with their horse.

Make the change today, you deserve it, and your horse deserves it.

In the site you will find:

Articles, FAQ databases, online courses, document libraries, book reviews, forums, and expert consultacy on subjects such as natural horsemanship, holistic veterinary care, equine behaviour, equine nutrition, alternative remedies, aromatherapy, equine shiatsu, massage, acupressure, barefoot trimming, acupuncture, homeopathy, iridology, dentistry, saddle fitting, parelli training, monty roberts/kelly marks training and much more.

Coupled with this we also offer chat facilities, member messenger, online dating, classified ads, online conferences and expert webcasts, lost & found, member announcements, newsletters, events diary, rememberance gallery, online games, horoscopes, news, jobs, polls, personal home pages, member gallery, expert reviews, user profiles..... the list goes on!

This site is jam packed with features and these will grow over time. Come on in and join the fun - make friends, meet people, learn online, discuss - even date!

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What is this site about?
Natural Horse People is an unbiased, friendly, worldwide community, supported by resident natural horse experts.

We offer a place to learn about horsemanship and holistic natural horse keeping where members can talk directly to a wide range of resident experts. It is also a place to meet others and make friends, sharing ideas and experiences with people from across the globe.

Are you an expert?
If you are interested in becoming a resident expert on this site please send us your details.